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[Note: Some players have described errors with the game that currently make it unplayable. You may or may not encounter these errors as well. We don't plan to fix them at this time. We may in the future. Please feel free to submit any errors you encounter to blackveinproductions@gmail.com. Thank you for supporting our projects!]

Become an intern at the National Safety Agency! Hack into the phones of potential terrorists and make them face justice!

It's a long road forward, because there are as many potential terrorists as there are people in this world. However, through perseverance and patriotism, you can become the very best NSA Intern. Your new boss, an anthropomorphic magnifying glass named Glassy couldn't be more excited to meet you!


  • Hack into suspects' phones and compete against other interns to put your name on the Hacking Cup Leaderboard!
  • Investigate apps within suspects' phones to learn their stories and secrets! Some apps include real social media pages (created for the game) which will require you to leave the game and search the internet for clues on these individuals.
  • Each suspect phone is 30-60 minutes of gameplay. The total game is ~7 hours of content!

  • Choose which evidence to submit. Depending on your choice, you can get 9 different endings for a suspect!
  • Explore an overarching story line that follows your internship career and determines the fate of our world (several endings).
  • Decorate your own personal office with everything from an NSA Mug to a patriotic Dick Pic!
  • Discover the truth about the mysterious organization, Anonymous!

NSA Intern is a satirical video game experience in which a player receives a fictitious internship offer to the ‘National Safety Agency’, an organization which does not exist. The National Safety Agency has no relationship or endorsement from any real government organization. All stories, events, and characters in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Note from developers (Matthew/Scott):

Hey, thanks for checking out NSA Intern. We hope you like it. If you got it for free, all we ask is that you...

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PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorBlack Vein Productions
TagsInternet, investigation, nsa-intern, phone, political, political-satire, screensaver
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


NSAIntern_Apple_v70.zip 162 MB
NSAIntern_Windows_v70.zip 160 MB

Install instructions

Hey there! Thanks for getting NSA Intern. 

Play on these resolutions for the best results:

840x524 // 1152 x 720 // 1280 x 800 // 1440 x 900 // 1650 x 1050


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Omg! finally it's now in my possession... *excited giggles* NSA Intern. I've grown to love your previous game which was NoStranger (which actually "encouraged" me to try my hand on social messaging apps lol) and now I have this precious gem in my hands err... computer. lol Thank you so much BVP! Kudos to you, guys!

Haha, thanks! NSA Intern is a strange one. Have fun!

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Ahaha... Anytime! It is weirdly fun. Lol I actually convinced my boyfriend to play it with me. He loves it btw. We're both now closing in towards Security clearance 4. 🤘 

Also, we're super excited to play "Do Animals Dream?" sometime soon when it becomes available on itch.io (since he's a super avid gamer and actually offered to be a beta tester lol) kudos, guys! We hope to play more games from you. 😄 

I loved NoStranger so i wanted to play all of your games. I tried downloading this but when it startsit frozes :(. sorry for my bad english its not my main language.

I'm sorry this is happening! Can you submit a bug report in the game or it won't even open? Can you send us a screenshot of what happens when you try to open it? blackveinproductions@gmail.com - make sure you're unzipping the file.

lol, did you guys really get banned from the App Store and Google Play?  Seems... excessive.  With my last name, I’d probably really trigger some warning bells at Apple.  I love No Stranger (just started it yesterday) and dying to play NSI as well.  Can you email me a claim code - meka0920@yahoo.com - or should I just use discord?  I don’t have an account but can log in through my bf’s and request one.  Thanks!  And thanks for the excellent gameplay thus far in No Stranger!

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Hey Kate! Yeah, sadly the game was not allowed on the Google Play/App Store. Feel free to grab a community copy above. It should allow you to claim the game for free.

I'd love a claim link as well, if possible. Also here's an idea: You can create a "Reward & Exclusive Content" section for your game, following "Edit game -> More -> Rewards" and add a free reward section to your game. It is claimable, so you don't need to post claim links all the time :)

Hey! Thanks for the idea. What would I put as the reward? A claimable link would be defunct after someone claimed it. So if I put it as a reward, it seems like it would be claimed and therefore I would have to create a new link and refresh the reward? Let me know if I'm wrong! 


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That's the good part, you don't need to put anything. Just make the price $0 and write the quantity you want and itch.io will create claimable links itself, whenever someone wants to claim it. Look at my game page for an example (created as a free community copy)

Ahhhh. Okay, I think I did what you said. Let me know if it works! Thanks for the advice.

Works great!

Ended up watching a White House video of people being beheaded in video games while Nick Cave sings "I need you" on Spotify.Is this...art?


Something like that lol. Thanks for playing! Hope you got a kick out of the experience.

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Hey!I loved your game NoStranger and couldn't wait to get my hands on this one. Could I please get a claim code? Thanks!

Howdy! Thanks :)  https://black-vein-productions.itch.io/nsa-intern/download/MwCvMcbdTQ5gI0SbpqBDj...

I have played your first game, NoStranger, and I loved it so much. I recently heard about this game you created and wanted to try it out. It seemed really intriguing to me. But I do have a question about the game. 

Is NSA Intern safe for a HP PC? I downloaded on windows, opened the file, and tried to run it. But, it said that my windows protection protected my computer from this application. So, I couldn't run it because it also said it was a risk to my computer. I would love to play the game but I wouldn't want it to potentially destroy my computer.

Thank you for reading.

Hey nabss! Thank you for your support of our stuff. I'm so glad you liked NoStranger and that you're willing to give NSA Intern a try. It will not destroy your computer. I believe you have to click to allow it to run. Good luck and let Matthew know what you think, either here or on the discord! https://discord.com/invite/7nBgNCt

Oh alright! Thank you so much for the fast reply. Good luck on your new game, I can't wait to play it :))

Thank you!

i can't open the Apple.app file in NSAIntern_Apple_v70

I'm sorry you're experiencing that issue! Matthew and I will get this fixed for you.

It should be fixed! Let us know if it's still broken.

Bro I really appreciate the game, I played it a couple of times already. Just wondering if I could get a claim so I can hook it up whenever I go?

Thanks for a brilliant game, just my cup of tea.

Hoping for a favorable response.

Have a great day, great people!

Stay safe out there and have wisdom in your every thoughts and actions.

Hey Night Ranger! Thank you for the kind comments. I've been giving them out on our discord to avoid them getting snatched/build our community there. If you don't have a discord, let me know and I'll send you one here.https://discord.com/invite/7nBgNCt

Please send any requests for claim keys on our discord! Thanks. https://discord.com/invite/7nBgNCt

Can u please give me a claim code?

Request on discord please. :) If you don't have one, let me know and I'll send you one here.

hey man can i get a free copy?

Here you go! https://black-vein-productions.itch.io/nsa-intern/download/1d_SHbLG36kh6rdlpU_Kk... Please send any requests for claim keys on our discord if it gets snatched! Thanks. https://discord.com/invite/7nBgNCt

May I have a claim code please?

https://black-vein-productions.itch.io/nsa-intern/download/GVqTly2sCAJAJagfJPVV0... Here you go! Please send any requests for claim keys on our discord if it gets snatched! Thanks. https://discord.com/invite/7nBgNCt

Thank you :)

Thank you so much for checking out NSA Intern. It means a lot to Matthew and me. I hope you enjoy the game!

Same here - could you give me a claim code, too? Thx! 

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You got it! Please send any requests for claim keys on our discord if it gets snatched! Thanks. https://discord.com/invite/7nBgNCt


Great, thank you. It seems I was quick enough to use the code before someone else ninja'd it. :)
Take care, stay healthy!

You as well! Thank you for checking out our game. I hope you like it!

Hey There! Can I have a claim code, please?

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https://black-vein-productions.itch.io/nsa-intern/download/OfiDAjs15u0Rm8vfZtzNY... Here you go! Thanks for checking it out. Please send any requests for claim keys on our discord if it gets snatched! Thanks. https://discord.com/invite/7nBgNCt

hey, i wouldnt mind getting a claim code

thanks :D

(1 edit) (+1)

Here you go! Thanks for checking it out: https://black-vein-productions.itch.io/nsa-intern/download/fiYWaQYefyYMMQrUL2kbY... Please send any requests for claim keys on our discord if it gets snatched! Thanks. https://discord.com/invite/7nBgNCt

it worked, thank you! :D

Deleted 3 years ago
(1 edit) (+1)

Here you go! Thanks for checking it out: https://black-vein-productions.itch.io/nsa-intern/download/8iWnuajpygGtUKNAI2XPV... Please send any requests for claim keys on our discord if it gets snatched! Thanks. https://discord.com/invite/7nBgNCt

This looks so fun, I would love to claim this, if possible, please :3

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Thanks! https://black-vein-productions.itch.io/nsa-intern/download/i7LDDj_1CBjKPLd_kyKjf... Please send any requests for claim keys on our discord if it gets snatched! Thanks. https://discord.com/invite/7nBgNCt

Thank you so much, it worked :3

Thank you! Matthew and I hope you have an awesome experience.


What a piece of junk. The most stupid game i ever played. Luckily it was free.


Hey Reggert! I appreciate you checking it out. I'm sorry you didn't like it. 


Don't be an asshat. At least explain why you didn't like the game.

Can I have a key? I'd love to add the game to my collection!

https://black-vein-productions.itch.io/nsa-intern/download/Bk_YreEHzIs4g388BoNwG... I hope you like it!

Thanks! I'm having trouble claiming the key however. I get an error that says:

"You don't have access to this page

This download page is owned by another account on itch.io, you do not have access to it. If you think this is a mistake, please get in touch with support."

Should I bother itch.io support or do you know what happened there?

No, somebody probably took your key. Please email me: blackveinproductions@gmail.com for a new one!

I would love to claim it as well

https://black-vein-productions.itch.io/nsa-intern/download/nqG82okeJ1Kil8vzDhboB... Thanks!

Poderia ter a opção de reivindicar o jogo? 

Si! https://black-vein-productions.itch.io/nsa-intern/download/yuWvk_VTAhiOSxJ1HmD5u...

Eu N consigo reinvidicar o jogo :( / I can't claim the game :(

My guess is that someone snatched that link! Feel free to request on our discord where it's much more likely someone won't snatch it: https://discord.com/invite/7nBgNCt

I'd love to claim this game too!

You got it. https://black-vein-productions.itch.io/nsa-intern/download/3YVn67EzCrz7q1oGxrHhW...

I also would like to claim it if possible

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Here you go! https://black-vein-productions.itch.io/nsa-intern/download/4SQg3wwp6jXhPy8HmlcfX... Please send any requests for claim keys on our discord if it gets snatched! Thanks. https://discord.com/invite/7nBgNCt

I would like to claim the game too, if its not too much trouble.


No worries! https://black-vein-productions.itch.io/nsa-intern/download/y_fNTBgy83tEGwnBPNSIB...

Seems someone else claimed it :(


I'm sorry that happened. Send me an email! :) blackveinproductions@gmail.com

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I would like to claim it...Can you give me a key?

https://black-vein-productions.itch.io/nsa-intern/download/sLbwPiIpZw_wyK2rcIW5l... Thanks for checking it out!

Hi, I'd like to claim the game as well

https://black-vein-productions.itch.io/nsa-intern/download/PAcPuVNP2UtiagmxTl5ti... Thanks!

Thank you!

Thank you for checking out the game! It means a lot to me and Matthew. :)


I would like to claim it

https://black-vein-productions.itch.io/nsa-intern/download/WBd6p5yNS31gr62IxVSVF... Here you go! :)

I can't get in


I too would like to claim it

https://black-vein-productions.itch.io/nsa-intern/download/Gl46gSoORbNlK_BJ5DrEc... I hope you like it!

Much Appreciated!

Deleted 2 years ago

https://black-vein-productions.itch.io/nsa-intern/download/DkqveJZUFrywQUnUJyQ3x... Thank you!

Hey! I made it downloadable to make it easier for those without itch to download the game quickly. If you'd like a key to claim the game, feel free to leave a comment and I'd be happy to make you one or email us at blackveinproductions@gmail.com :) Thanks for supporting the game. I really hope you like it. Matthew and I spent about two years on it. (probably too long lol) It flopped when we launched it so we're super happy to have anybody play and enjoy it now. Please share it with a friend! :)


Hello, I would love to have a key to claim! 

https://black-vein-productions.itch.io/nsa-intern/download/3JX9PRNVTdEWdqaYffnjG... Thanks for playing our game!

Hello, I would like to claim the game please!

https://black-vein-productions.itch.io/nsa-intern/download/uxfHMShqDC_qKBPUp97Cz... Thanks!

I can't seem to claim it as it says that I don'y have access to it. I still enjoy the game though!

Hey Adrian, somebody sniped your link. I recommend you ask for one on our discord. Much less likelihood of it being sniped there! https://discord.gg/D2SsuT


Thanks ! Sadly ,not claimable ,would be nice if it was claimable so it stays in our library.

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Hey dibdob1! Thanks for checking out the game. I had it as claimable but then it was harder for people without an itch to get to downloads right away. Is there any way I can allow you to claim it? (via key or something) Would be more than happy to do so. :)

Are you able to claim it with this link? https://black-vein-productions.itch.io/nsa-intern/download/zlXMYUGLrN1pLyfdX8AzQ...


kinda disappointed that no one's commented here yet. i love the game and i'm so happy that it has returned from the grave! i really missed it. i like that there are extra stuff as well like the extra message glassy sent to lincoln (which just made me mad haha), and glassy's note about his gender which is really cool! i loved that tbh.
the only issue i have with the game is that the resolution is too low for me. i think because i'm on windows on my laptop, it only lets me have  320x200 or 640x400 which means that everything is squished together. it's a bit frustrating especially since the photos you have on here look really high quality. i'm not sure if there's any way to change that since there is no option for me to pick a higher resolution.
but apart from that, i love it! i wish more people would play it. i've been trying to get my friend to play it bc she was a huge fan of nostranger but no luck yet... maybe one day


Hey Ellis! Thank you for the comment. Matthew and I are very grateful to have fans and players like you who care so deeply about the stuff we make. The resolution comment is noted! Let us know if you have any other feedback! Deeply appreciate it all.